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PDX - Portland, OR

Welcome to the Portland, OR Pilots For Kids homepage. Learn how to get involved and participate in Pilots For Kids activities in the Portland, OR area.


2019 Pilots for Kids Reflections from your Coordinator

Last updated 7 days ago

The Pilots for Kids Organization and member volunteers function to bring joy and smiles to special kids and families, we don't have an agenda or any other type of self-serving motivation. We don't do it for recognition or thank you's.
Because of the above, when we receive a thank you card, signed by all of the families in the house like we did this year and other years in the past, hand written from the kids, families and staff, there is a moment in your heart that takes your breath away with a smile that is hard to describe!

It is an honor to be part of this wonderful effort for the "Kids"!

Your PDX/Vancouver area Coordinator

2018 PDX/Vancouver PFKD's Events

Last updated 10 months ago

Happy New Year 2019 to you All!
Our PDX area Ronald McDonald House East annual PFKD's Christmas Party on December 18th, was a huge success!
The Children and Families each received a special program for the nights events and happily put on their PFKD's wristbands to start the Party!
Like last year, we started the evening with Appetizer and Interactive Hour.... Sprocket set building, off road truck and car racing, Cowboy/Cowgirl corner, and everyone built and decorated their own Paper Glider earning their "First Solo PFKD's Wings" by landing on (or near) the runway...
Once again, our own Grandma June and her supper elves cooked up a full Spaghetti Dinner menu for all... Soooo Good!
This year, our Christmas Carols around the piano were led by "Volunteer Kids in the House" who came up to inspire us all in song!
Following our carols, we heard the deep voice of "Ho" "Ho" "Ho" and the jingling of bells when through the door came "SANTA" and his elves with "TOYS TOYS TOYS" The look of amazement and enchantment of every child in the room was really special! With the help of his trusty elves, everyone got a few minutes with Santa and picked out some really COOL toys and gifts!
This year with the creative skills of our volunteers, we presented each family a Holiday Plant with PFKD's ornaments on them. Every family loved them...
A big thank you to all the PFKD's Volunteers who attended this years events! You are appreciated and very special to work with!

Upcoming Events

2019 - Annual Ronald McDonald House Portland East Christmas Party

Thursday, December 19th, 2019 - 04:00 to 07:30 PST

We will be hosting our Annual Ronald McDonald House Christmas Party once again, for some awesome kids and their families. Our Grandma June will be in the kitchen again with her elves cooking up her super Spaghetti Dinner, along with our interactive play time, singing Christmas Carols around the Piano, and Toys, Toys, Toys for all..... Once I have the Roster full with those crew members attending, I will send an email with detailed information on the evening... Until then, don't hesitate to contact me for any planning questions. Your Coordinator, Christine Dunning

Dress Code: Uniform - Don't forget your Hat! The kids Love them
Get Directions: 2620 North Commercial Avenue, Portland, OR
RSVP: 11drvr@comcast.net 360-921-2266

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