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2020-2021 PDX Ronald McDonald House Pilots for Kids events

Last updated 2 months ago

Hello Comrades! I am hoping you and your families are well and continuing to endure these challenging times.....

I can confidently say, this year we accomplished "OVER THE TOP SUCCESS"!
"The Journey this year has been one of the most Challenging ever, the outcome one of the most Successful"!

I don't have enough words as a Coordinator to describe my appreciation for the amazing donations, support and trust in our vision received, for what so many thought due to Covid would be impossible!

To begin with, the families were all quarantined to their rooms and since we couldn't even enter the buildings, we wondered, could we really pull this off? Once we drafted a plan, working closely with our RMH Coordinators, "Mission Make it Happen" was on! Creativity coupled with Flexibility became sometimes a daily challenge!
In the end, we held 2 events consisting of deliveries to every child and family in both the Ronald McDonald East House and for the very first time the new South Waterfront House.
"PFKD's North Pole Adventures Week" was held Dec 15th-Dec 22nd....
"PFKD's Hope for 2021" was held January 8th....
These events consisted of coordinated deliveries of "Aviation Adventure Packages" with activities and prizes, Holiday trees with special PFKD's ornaments, Cozy North Pole themed animals, "Grandma June's Special Cooked Dinners", Huge gift bags filled with goodies, and even a 5 minute "Virtual Santa Visit" direct from the North Pole for each child.
I know the cliche' of " It takes a Village" is used a lot, but looking back on this year's events, it was never more accurate! As promised, I have attached some great photos of our "Journey" this year.....
A "Huge Thanks" to our Clark County Saddle Club for the use of their Professional Kitchen! Due to a last minute Covid-Guideline change, we could not cook at the Ronald McDonald House kitchens. When presented with our dilemma, the Saddle Club board stepped up to help and quickly approved our request for this use, "Without Charge"! This quick approval allowed us to keep our tradition of providing every Child and Family "Grandma June's" famous Ronald McDonald House dinners! Getting the word out was ever so important to raise funds. In addition to our Crewmember's, their families and friends and local FBO's, I want to thank my good friends, pilot Laureano Mier and Melincko of Melincko's Air Museum and Cafe, for doing a big promo on our mission, then Pilot Laurel Johnson of Angel Flight West connected with her friend Pilot and Aviation Author Karlene Petitt, who both in extremely short order put together an overview of what we were doing this year on Karlene's Blog and Twitter. In just a few hours there were over 4,300 views! It made a difference! Also, thank you to Kelly of "Go! Calendars" for your awesome donation of dozens of Cozy Teddy Bears for our "Hope for 2021" events. Finally, my heartfelt thanks to Crewmember's Clayton Eveland and Eve Love, Grandma June and Shannon McKinzie-Scott for your tireless work during the ever changing Covid Guidelines and for continuing to help me think outside the box at every turn!
I can say with complete confidence due to the great Village we had, combined with the amazingly positive, post event response from our RMH Coordinators,
"Mission Accomplished"!
As always, I appreciate you and thank you all!
Have a Safe and Healthy 2021!
Your PDX PFKD's Coordinator
Capt Christine Dunning

2020 PDX Ronald McDonald House Holiday "PFKDS North Pole Adventures" Week

Last updated 6 months ago

Hello Everyone !

First, none of us could have ever imagined how this year has unfolded upon us. Our thoughts are with you and your families and our hopes are that you are all well and enduring what a difficult year this continues to be.
With great joy I can say a " Very Creative" plan has been coordinated to safely bring, smiles, joy and even full bellies to our special kids and families at PDX Ronald McDonald East and for the very first time, the new South Waterfront House as well! Due to the Covid Restrictions in place, there will not be an in-person event this year, however, each of you will have an opportunity to contribute monetarily with no Covid worries! I think our Creative plan will put a smile on your faces as well!
Essentially, each family is restricted to their rooms, so we will bring our Holiday party to them!! During the week of Dec 15-22nd, each room will receive a " North Pole Aviation Adventure" package which includes: A Nasa Activity book, A PFKD's color book, crayons, Balsa wood airplanes to build and design, Challenges and Prizes. In addition, each room receives, A Holiday Tree, A fully cooked meal, North Pole themed stuffed animals and even " A 5 minute Virtual visit from Santa" direct from the North Pole for each child! All "Pfkd's Adventures Week" items and meals will be delivered to each room by the amazing Elf Staff" of Ronald McDonald!
I have emailed the PDX Cadre a letter and flyer explaining "PFKDS North Pole Adventures" week. Please see the flyer below. Contact me if you have any questions. As always, I will keep you updated here with additional information...

I "Appreciate You All" and thank you in advance for your donations, to once again bring Love, Joy and Smiles for these very special Kids and Families during a most Challenging year!!

All the best and Merry Christmas 2020!

Capt Christine Dunning
PDX/Vancouver Area Coordinator

2020 PDX Events Flyer

Last updated 7 months ago

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