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2020 PDX Ronald McDonald House Holiday "PFKDS North Pole Adventures" Week

Last updated 1 day ago

Hello Everyone !
First, none of us could have ever imagined how this year has unfolded upon us. Our thoughts are with you and your families and our hopes are that you are all well and enduring what a difficult year this continues to be.
With great joy I can say a " Very Creative" plan has been coordinated to safely bring, smiles, joy and even full bellies to our special kids and families at PDX Ronald McDonald East and for the very first time, the new South Waterfront House as well! Due to the Covid Restictions in place, there will not be an in-person event this year, however, each of you will have an opportunity to contribute monetarily with no covid worries! I think our Creative plan will put a smile on your faces as well!
Essentially, each family is restricted to their rooms, so we will bring our Holiday party to them!! During the week of Dec 15-22nd, each room will receive a " North Pole Aviation Adventure" package which includes: A Nasa Activity book, A PFKD's color book, crayons, Balsa wood airplanes to build and design, Challenges and Prizes. In addition, each room receives, A Holiday Tree, A fully cooked meal, North Pole themed stuffed animals and even " A 5 minute Virtual visit from Santa" direct from the North Pole for each child! All "Pfkds Adventures Week" items and meals will be delivered to each room by the amazing Elf Staff" of Ronald McDonald!
I have emailed the PDX Cadre a letter and flyer explaining "PFKDS North Pole Adventures" week. Please see the flyer below. Contact me if you have any questions. As always, I will keep you updated here with additional information...
I appreciate you all and thank you in advance for once again helping bring Love and Joy to these special Kids and Families!!
All the best and Merry Christmas 2020
Your PDX Coordinator
Capt Christine Dunning

2020 PDX Events Flyer

Last updated 1 day ago

2019 PDX Annual Ronald McDonald East House Christmas Party

Last updated 10 months ago

The 2019 PFKD's Annual Ronald McDonald East House Christmas Party December 19th was a Huge Success! Thanks to Volunteers, families and friends from UPS, ABX, Omni, Delta and Alaska......
The Evening Started with Everyone receiving their Program for the night, their Pilots for Kids Wrist Bands and a small Holiday Gift for each family's room.....
The Party was filled with Appetizer Hour including a Hot Cocoa station right out of the North Pole and many interactive events with sprocket set building, off road truck and car racing, Cowboy/Cowgirl corner and everyone earning their "First Solo PFKD'S Wings" by building and decorating their paper airplanes followed by landing them on (or near) the runway.
After Building up a big appetite, our Grandma June, her trusty assistant Shannon McKinzie-Scott and helpful Elves were standing by with a full spaghetti dinner including "Grandma June's Special Brownies"! Sooo Good !!
Following Carols around the Piano led by some awesome kids, we heard lots of Jingle bells and a big " Ho Ho Ho" ! It was awesome to see all the eyes of Enchantment grow really big as "Santa" appeared with his Elves and "Toys Toys Toys " for all......
Our Ronald McDonald House "Jake's Legacy Ponies" continued this year with
the presentation of 3 new ponies on behalf of Pilot's for Kids... It was a special moment for all of our Hearts!

A big thank you to the Volunteers that once again brought joy and happiness to many special kids and families....

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2019 - Annual Ronald McDonald House Portland East Christmas Party

Thursday, December 19th, 2019 - 04:00 to 07:30 PST

We will be hosting our Annual Ronald McDonald House Christmas Party once again, for some awesome kids and their families. Our Grandma June will be in the kitchen again with her elves cooking up her super Spaghetti Dinner, along with our interactive play time, singing Christmas Carols around the Piano, and Toys, Toys, Toys for all..... Once I have the Roster full with those crew members attending, I will send an email with detailed information on the evening... Until then, don't hesitate to contact me for any planning questions. Your Coordinator, Christine Dunning

Dress Code: Uniform - Don't forget your Hat! The kids Love them
Get Directions: 2620 North Commercial Avenue, Portland, OR
RSVP: 11drvr@comcast.net 360-921-2266

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